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A metal roof system is a structural building element that, when designed and installed properly, will last as long as or longer than the other building elements.

This type of roofs are built to last, with a normal lifespan of fifty to seventy-five years. Metal roof can be cut in a number of different styles, and it reflects the sun’s rays, keeping your home naturally cooler in the tropical weather.

Metal Roofing

We specialize in wide range of metal roof repair and metal roof installation service for all residential and commercial buildings.

Heat Insulation

Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, reducing heat gain. This means you can save energy needed for air conditioning during the day. 

Fire Resistance

Metal roof is able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Long Durability

A properly installed metal roof typically will last as long as the house, with an expected lifespan of 40 to 70 years. It can withstand bad weather and will not corrode nor crack.

Environmental Friendly

Many metal roofs contain up to 40% recycled steels, while the content of metal roofs in itself is 100% recyclable. It also has high recyclability and reusability.


Aluminum roofings can fit the all area. From a patio area to a side driveway entrance, roof contractor can measure and install custom-fit roofings to match the space. 


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