Advantages of Installing Polycarbonate Roof

Materials of polycarbonate are produced using a kind of thermoplastic polymer. It is a clear plastic accessible in different sizes and thickness. Polycarbonate is regularly utilized in making nurseries, greenhouse and frequently discovers use in automobiles because of its light weight and high adaptability. In the roofing industry it is also one of the popular material to be used as a roofing type for many property owner because of its many of advantages. Below are some of the advantages of Polycarbonate as a roofing material:

Longetivity and Durability

Because of the polycarbonate is a strong material which is 250 times stronger than glass roof, it is suitable as a roofing material to protect the property from the bad weather. Therefore it is capable to have a longer lifespan around 10-15 years old once it is installed.

Lower Cost

As the polycarbonate is lightweight, it is much more cheaper and lower in cost. Therefore, it is favorable for a lot of property owner as it is much more easier to install the polycarbonate because of its lightweight. Hence, it reduces the labor cost during the roof installment because fewer people are needed to install the roof.

Transmission of Light are Greater

Because of the polycarbonate is usually use for the roof installment of nurseries or greenhouse, therefore it is the best choice to be used because it transmits greater light for the plants in the nurseries and greenhouse. A 6-mm double wall panel transmits about 85% of all available light. Therefore, polycarbonate is the great choice to be installed as a nurseries or greenhouse roof as it transmits more or greater light compared to other roof materials.

Resistance to the Impact is Higher

Polycarbonate has the higher resistance to the impact. Therefore, it is able to bear the impact when it was hit with the big force such as golf balls, hailstones, heavy snow fall, animals and birds. Hence, the chances of the roof to break is much lower compared to other roofing material.

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